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Positive mindset, values, soft skills & adaptability is more important than ever

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Our curriculum is co-designer by industry experts to match learning with the industries’ needs and direction

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Effective learning based on how the brain learns - focusing on the mastery, experiential learning, and mentorship

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Personal development to advance your career/life through our science-based Life Competency workshops

Micro-Masterclass | Professional Certificates

In any organisation, data is generated every day – from customer behaviour to operations… from financial decisions to sales & marketing. The challenge is: how do you make use of it?

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The open secret in the world we live in is that it is built on our data. Data is used to make predictions and drive decision making. Learn to convert raw data into meaningful insights!

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The buzzword of the Digital Era. With the range of digital tools and technology platforms available, you can reach anyone who is connected to the internet. Learn how you can harness the power of digital marketing!

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The business landscape is changing every day. Digital technology is advancing rapidly. New business models. Changing customer behaviour. Learn how to digitally transform businesses!

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Whether people like the digital workplace, it’s here to stay. Learn how to automate business operations with low-to-no-code apps, and design digital collaboration to make breakthroughs! 

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Sales Executive

"The course offered an interesting overview and introduction to digital marketing. The modules were very strategic and helped me really understand better what was going on in the digital world. Through this course, i've learn about the content marketing, social media merketing, email marketing etc. I believe this course can build a better brand image or even push to a great business for my career."



People Operations Admin (HR)

"For a person who does not have much knowledge about Business Analytics, it was very well explained and presented. The contents are simple to follow and understand. I have gained lots of knowledge from this course. It is worth your time and money."



Business Consultant

"The design of the course syllabus is really practical, combining not only theory but also experience sharing.
Therefore, the whole learning experience has given me a positive and optimistic view on applying Digital Marketing not only in my career but also in my personal life. Although further practice is required, it is no longer complicated and mysterious since I have learnt the beginner guidance."

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