About Us

Digital Way Academy - An Education Social Enterprise

About Us

Digital Way Academy (DWA) is an education social enterprise who strive to empower individuals to make breakthroughs and realise their potential. In the new digital era, this requires mastering digital competencies and life competencies.

DWA bring to you a series of “From the Industry, For the Industry” programs, together with our strategic partner UTMSPACE, School of Professional and Continuing Education, the private education arm of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). All our programs are designed according to UTM’s quality standard, combined with industry experts’ inputs to bring to you the most up-to-date digital programs with real industry training and exposure.

We work with a range of people, including university students, working professionals and entrepreneurs, to become digital-ready, work-ready, global-ready, life-ready, future-ready!

Mission & Vision


To build human capacity
for the digital era


To empower every individual
to make breakthroughs with
digital and life competencies

A Message From Founders

Dato' WEi chuan beng
Founder & Chairman

Dato’ Wei Chuan Beng is an active industry captain and recognized entrepreneur in telecommunication and the ICT industry with an illustrious career developing the nations ICT industry and actively contributing to various national initiatives.

  • member of national council for digital economy and IR 4.0
  • Champion of digital productivity Nexus
  • Director of UTMSPACE
  • Adjunct Professor of UTM
  • Senior executive director of KSI Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific
  • Director of RED ONE Holdings Sdn Bhd
  • Founder & Former group managing director of REDTONE International Bhd
  • Former chairman of PIKOM
  • Angel Investor

The future truly belongs to the youths who arm themselves with digital competencies and life competencies. With that, you will be the leaders who create a better future through meaningful creation and deployment of digital technology. Welcome to the UTMSPACE IPDP. Looking forward to having a fulfilling, fun, and enriching journey together!

ms. wei su hwa
Co-Founder & Director

With a background in Neuroscience and a specialization in Educational Neuroscience, Ms. Wei is passionate in researching effective ways of teaching and learning. Her personal mission is to provide excellent education to empower every individual to realize their potential, make breakthroughs in their career, and lead a fulfilling life.

  • Graduate from University College London (UCL), Bsc Neuroscience

Area Of Expertise

  • Leadership & Management
  • Curriculum  Development
  • How to unlock our brains’ potential
  • Creativity to innovate and customise education solutions based on needs

At UTMSPACE Professional Digital Program, we believe education serves to develop every students’ potential and character in order to open doors for better opportunities and a better future. In the new digital era, the world is constantly evolving with the emergence of new technology. The only thing that stays constant is change. In preparation, this education equips you with in-demand digital competencies and essential life competencies.

Our Values......

  • We grow by doing it
  • We continually advance ourselves
  • We put in our best effort
  • We are all leaders and team-players
  • We think different
  • We turn challenges into opportunities
  • We continue adapting to change
  • We do good for the world

The Team Behind Your Education

Gary Tan

Academy Associate

Education is a platform where every child gets a chance to reach his/her true potential, to know they are loved and grow to be better human beings.

Wei Nee

Academy Associate

To me education is the gateway to success. Success can be achieved when people have knowledge, skills and attitude. All these things can be gained only with the help of education.


Commercial Manager

Education is a process of learning and understanding the world around us. Irrespective of race, religion, and gender, education offers everyone a chance to become a better self.


Training Consultant

To me, education is the key to many opportunities and possibilities. As world continues to grow more advanced and complex, it is necessary for us to stay up to date with the “worldly” needs and demands. Through education, we will be able to succeed.


Marketing Associate

I believe educators hold a huge responsibility as they are equipping the next generation who will one day lead us. Therefore, education should spark the mentality of always learning and understanding the world we live in. This is my truth on education.

Gwyn Chew

Business Development Executive

I believe that Education makes us equal. With knowledge & education, one can stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone, regardless of who he or she is.

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