Advanced Professional Graduate Program in software engineering

advanced professional graduate program in software engineering

Accelerate your expertise to invent digital products & solutions — from apps and softwares to robots, self-driving cars and more!

Imagine our world in 5-10 years time. What do you see? Robots? Self-driving cars? Something even crazier? As a software engineer, you will be the one driving these digital innovations and inventions. You can make your imaginations come true — it might even change the way the world works!

Course Overview

Duration: 4-years
Intakes: March 2022

Application closes:
28th February 2022

Commencement Date:
2nd March 2022

UTMSPACE Professional Degree,
Industry – certifications (optional)

This degree will equip you with the latest IT / digital knowledge, skills/abilities, and industry experience. Study with us and you are on your way to inventing something useful for the world (whatever digital technology you imagine)!

  • These PROFESSIONAL Digital Programs are industry-certifications ready, not MQA accredited yet

Everything you need to know

Learning outcomes

By the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • Apply industry-relevant digital knowledge and implement technical digital competencies to lead software design/development and digital product/solutions innovation.
  • Demonstrate adaptability, including the ability to flexibly transfer digital knowledge and skills to meet the needs of different digital organisations.
  • Exhibit soft skills — including communication and interpersonal skills — to work effectively as a leader and team player.
  • Possess comprehensive software engineering knowledge, and highly competent in technical and soft skills to develop original digital products/solutions.

Key subject knowledge areas:

  • Software design & planning
  • Programming
  • Artificial Learning / Machine learning
  • Data science
  • IT systems & security
  • Professional practise

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