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身為一個非本科,以前從未接觸過程式語言,剛來到新手村的學習者,對於JavaScript 是什麼完全沒有半點概念的我,目前正在上六角學院【JavaScript 核心篇】課程,及閱讀【深入淺出 JavaScript 程式設計】一書,希望藉由撰寫程式筆記,記錄下學習過程,並分享新手在學習上所遇到的困難及心得。

How Artificial Intelligence Being Used?

How Artificial Intelligence Being Used?

Duration: 4-years
Intakes: May 2021, Oct 2021

Application closes on 4th May 2021

UTMSPACE Professional Degree,
Industry – certifications (optional)

* These PROFESSIONAL Digital Programs are industry-certifications ready, not MQA accredited yet

Learning outcomes

By the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • Apply industry-relevant digital knowledge and implement technical digital competencies to manage and/or lead operations of digital businesses and organisations.
  • Demonstrate adaptability, including the ability to flexibly transfer digital knowledge and skills to meet the needs of different digital organisations.
  • Exhibit soft skills — including communication and interpersonal skills — to work effectively as a leader and team player.

Possess comprehensive business knowledge, and highly competent in technical and soft skills to explore entrepreneurship.

Key subject knowledge areas:

  • Digital business models & sales
  • Business fundamentals (analytics, finance, accounting)
  • Digital sales & marketing
  • Digital commerce
  • Agile management and entrepreneurship
  • Digital communication
  • Digital transformation

What you will learn

What's next?

Upon completion of this Bachelor’s degree, you will be equipped to productively add value to companies through the key functions of digital transformation, business operations/development/management, digital strategy, digital sales & marketing. You may even build a business of your own! For a list of upcoming and in-demand jobs in the speciality of Digital Business, refer to the e-brochure:

Next steps

Take your first step towards becoming a digital talent!

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Our Degree program is a 4-year programme consisting of 1-year intensive class-learning and 3-years paid work-based learning. You will gain comprehensive knowledge and skills in the 1st year. In year 2-4, you will hone your digital expertise & soft-skills through work experience and gain deep digital industry insights.

Yes, there will be a direct course pathway into Professional Digital Master’s Programs which will begin in late 2021 or early 2022. Alternatively, you have the option of over a hundred international universities, such as in the UK or Australia.

You will be able to pursue a higher level of Master’s in Software Engineering, or Digital Business. You may refer to the Course Pathway here.

You may refer to the Key Academic Dates here.


Yes. The apprenticeship is a core component of our competency-based program as we believe that the best way to master digital competencies is to get exposure through real work experience.

In the second, third, and fourth year, students will be attached to one of our corporate partners and work as a full-time employee, while taking part-time lessons.

Yes. The apprenticeship will be a paid employment. At the same time, we will be providing a guaranteed income of RM22,400 by the end of your degree. This means that should any students’ income in the three years fall under RM22,400, DWV will provide an income subsidy (top-up).

DWA provides a guaranteed apprenticeship placement for all students. At the end of first year, students can start applying to our internal network of industry partners and go through interview selection to be placed.

Yes. Students will undertake around 8 hours of lessons every week, usually arranged on one weekday evening and a half day on Saturday.

70% of the grades will be accounted by their completion of apprenticeship; whereas the remaining 30% is assessed through the Apprenticeship Review where students prepare Apprenticeship Report and Presentation to evaluate their learning


The fees will be RM59,900 for domestic students and USD19,900 for international students. The fees payable will be 40% for the first year and 20% for subsequent years.


Our Degree programs are awarded and accredited by UTMSpace. Upon graduation, you will receive a Professional certificate from UTMSPACE as well as optional industry-certifications that you are eligible to sit for.

The courses within your chosen program will equip you to be ready to sit examinations to obtain industry certifications such as from Microsoft, Cisco, SAP, ITIL, and PMI-ACP.

Our program is structured as a professional, industry certification-ready program that is fully accredited by UTMSPACE, the private arm of UTM. Currently we are not MQA accredited. For more details on the recognition of the Professional Programs, you may contact our Learning Advisor.

For general FAQs regarding academic arrangements, campus life, financials, and application, you may view it here.