City Center Campus

Take a tour of our city center campus.

City campus

  • Heart of Kuala Lumpur
  • Right next to Ampang Park LRT Station
  • 10-mins walk to KLCC
  • Hundred of restaurants within walking distance
  • Enjoy UTMSPACE Facilities

How do it look like to study at here

The Student Lounge

At UTMSPACE Digital Programs, we firmly believe that digital competencies are important, but not enough on their own. We will also equip our students with life competencies. How can each individual achieve their potential through adopting growth mindset? Goal setting? Building good habits? Training leadership and communication? Workshop-style learning sessions are prepared for students to explore these important topics.

The Study Pod

With the study pod, students are able to have their own private moments to study and work on their assignments as well. Not only that, but students also can have their discussion on the study pod as well.

Students Classroom

Here we are in the classroom, students will connect through the 75 inch TV with world class instructors internationally, including Singapore and Malaysia. These instructors are also industry experts themselves! We are committed to provide students world class education, with a virtual international campus in a physical city centre campus. Oh! And students will be learn in a small group setting of max 25 people!

InnoLab Cafe

In this city center campus, you can see the digital applications in action! In our InnoLab cafe, where you will find yourself being served by robots! Industry captains and leaders are invited to the InnoLab cafe and share ideas and talk from time to time. Also, an impetus for startup ideas, industry, and students to explore ideas for the digital future.

Near To City Center

Being at the heart of KL, 10-mins walk to KLCC, there are plenty of options for food & drinks, plenty of activities for you to explore, and there are great transport links!


The convenience of the UTMSPACE City Centre Campus. 
a. Next to LRT Station and the soon to be completed MRT Station b. Students residence are nearby and conducive c. Easy to find variety of food for any budget d. The high tech digital company offices are around vicinity.

Next steps

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