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Major digital transformation is happening across industries ....

Digital Technology Advancements

Digital tech enhances our quality of life, improves the efficiency and effectiveness of operations, and extends the capabilities of human beings. As a natural result, many businesses are creating digital products/solutions; many companies are going more digital. The digital era is NOW.

Critical Mismatch in Digital Expertise

As Malaysia & the global digital economy is growing rapidly, there is a critical mismatch between the industry and workforce. Digital talents are urgently needed, and many jobs are being replaced by softwares, machines and robots through digital capabilities, automation and artificial intelligence.

Are you ready?

As digital jobs are rapidly created and conventional jobs declining, it is crucial to become digitally-competent. Our programs can empower you to become digital talent capable of navigating the digital era. Fast track digital expertise, earn while you learn, and gain real industry insights.

Digital competencies is no longer a "nice to have",
but a need to adapt and survive to the fast changing digital world.

Digital competencies is no longer a "nice to have", but a need to adapt and survive to the fast changing digital world.


The Integrated Professional Digital Program (IPDP) is brought to you through a strategic collaboration between UTMSPACE and Digital Way Academy with the vision to build human capacity for the digital era. These professional digital programs under UTMSPACE are designed to nurture digital talents, fast track digital expertise, and empower individuals to make breakthroughs with digital competencies.

The IPDP is the first holistic, competencies-based higher education digital program, brought to you From the Industry, For the Industry. This means we focus on supporting you in mastering digital competencies. The curriculum is designed, reviewed, and delivered by digital industry experts to ensure it matches the industry’s demands and advancements. The programs are thoughtfully planned to ensure your effective learning and progress in mastering digital competencies. Our unique 1+3 Bachelor’s degree provides you with deep industry-insights, where you pick-up comprehensive knowledge & skills in a 1-year class-based learning, and earn while you learn for the next 3 years.

If you wish to become a successful digital professional or entrepreneur and make it BIG, this program is for you.


Digital Way Academy strives to build human capacity for the digital era. During this crucial time period – beginning of the new digital era, digital talents are urgently needed to lead business operations, digital product innovation, and digital systems infrastructure development & maintenance. We can empower you to be one of them.

Find your Passion – what excites you?

Find your Passion – 
what excites you?

Digital Business

Modern, digital businesses differ significantly from traditional businesses — from business models to sales & marketing strategies, from optimising operations to creating value for customers using digital technology. With major digital transformation happening across all industries, businesses have to adapt to survive. Now more than ever, companies urgently need talents competent in Digital Business to plan, implement, and support their digital transformation.

Software Engineering

With the rise of digital technology, talented software engineers are hot-in-demand. From an e-commerce platform to an autonomous vehicle, software is needed in every industry, every business. It is a necessity to carry out a business function (e.g. website), and the heart of a technological product (e.g. mobile phone, car, robot). As a software engineer with the knowledge and competencies of software design, development and maintenance, you will be the crucial and direct enabler of technological advancement.

Digital Systems

With the boom of digital technologies, companies are increasingly reliant on computer systems and digital technology for day-to-day work, operations, and communications. Therefore, the integration of software, hardware and networks into a reliable infrastructure or digital system is essential to support an organisation’s needs. Highly-competent talents are needed to constantly keep the digital system up-to-date, optimised, and protected with cybersecurity. As a Digital System expert, you will also create new possibilities by utilising cloud, enabling automation, and processing big data.

Digital Degree Programs

Do you wish to become a highly-valued digital expert? Join our unique 1+3 Bachelor’s Degree: 1-year intensive class-based learning, 3-years paid work-based learning. Advance your knowledge and skills, gain comprehensive insights into the digital tech industry, get your hands dirty with paid work experience alongside studies and personal mentorship. Fast-track digital competencies and become an expert within the digital specialty of your choice.

Digital Pre-U Programs

Do you wish to secure your study progression into our Professional Bachelor’s digital programs? Take your first step into the digital world through our 1-year of neatly packaged Pre-U program to equip yourself with the fundamental digital knowledge and skills. This will serve as a firm stepping stone to pursue a greater depth of knowledge and range of technical skills to eventually become a digital expert within a digital specialty of your choice.