International Professional Pre-U
Program in Digital Business

Your firm stepping stone into the digital world

Do you wish you’re able to provide valuable support in building modern, digital businesses? Or build a business of your own?

Course Overview

Duration: 1-years
Intakes: Jun 2021, Oct 2021

Application closes on 17th May 2021

UTMSPACE Professional Pre-U,
Pearson BTEC Level 3

* This Pre-U program is not yet MQA accredited.

This Pre-U program provides you with a firm stepping stone and secures your study progression into our Professional Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Business. Within one-year, you will gain fundamental insight into various aspects of Digital Business, including understanding business models, how to perform market research, and how to carry out digital marketing & business decisions.

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Learning outcomes

By the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • Apply industry-relevant digital knowledge and implement technical digital competencies to facilitate operations of digital businesses and organisations.
  • Demonstrate adaptability, including the ability to flexibly transfer digital knowledge and skills to meet the needs of different digital organisations.
  • Exhibit soft skills — including communication and interpersonal skills — to work effectively and productively add value in a team.
  • Possess strong fundamentals in business knowledge and technical skills, and soft skills to explore entrepreneurship.

What you will learn

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