Competency-Driven Education


We believe that education serves the purpose of equipping you to succeed and live a fulfilling life. Therefore, our programs are thoughtfully designed to maximise the effectiveness of your learning, improvement, mastery, and potential.

The Building Blocks of your Learning

In order to nurture work-ready, future-ready and global-ready, life-ready students, our programmes utilise the following building blocks and innovative learning methods.

Mastery of digital competencies

In our student-centric competency based education, knowledge is only the beginning. Every single lesson is paired with practical/applied learning and strong support from mentors to ensure your steady progress in mastering highly-applicable digital competencies.

From industry, For industry

Our programs draw upon industry insights & resources to develop you into highly-capable & readily-productive digital talents. We also involve industry experts during curriculum planning, review, and teaching to craft & deliver programs which match the industry’s needs and direction.

Work-based applied learning

During our unique 1+3 Bachelor’s degree, you will go through 1 year of intensive class-based learning to equip you with comprehensive knowledge and skills. The next 3 years will be primarily work-based learning where you have the opportunity to practise your skills and become highly competent in your chosen digital specialty.

Get Ready for Life

Personal development is the core part of our education approach. Through our inbuilt soft-skills modules and specially organised Life Success Program, we want to empower you with the necessary soft skills and values to become the digital talents of tomorrow and most importantly, to achieve your highest potential.

Learning methods

Flipped classroom

Lecturers actively engage with students to ensure understanding and effective learning.

Applied learning

Students immediately apply learning through hands-on activities and project-based assessments.

Personal mentorship

Students are assigned personal mentors from the industry to guide their personal progress.


Students gain real work-experience and industry insights through full-time apprenticeship.

Industry immersion

Students experience latest digital advancements through field trips to innovation centres, accelerators & think-tanks.

Life skills

Students acquire soft skills through curriculum and specially organised “Life success Program”.

Curriculum design and delivery

Our Digital Programs are designed and delivered alongside Lithan – our Faculty Partner, who is the leading digital competencies education provider in Asia. Lithan has been appointed by the Singapore government to deliver digital competencies upskilling for their workforce. Their programs have also been brought to countries across Asia, such as Myanmar, India, and China, showcasing an excellent track record for their programs and delivery. Their programs bring in the best lecturers through a blended-learning pedagogy model which involves hands-on competencies training through projects, case studies, simulations, and real-life work placements.

Delivery partner - Lithan

Lithan Pte Ltd is the leading digital competencies training provider who works with education institutions, corporates, and government to provide relevant, flexible, and personalised digital programmes. Lithan’s programs are recognized and accredited by international institutions, as well as receiving multiple awards as below. 

Accredited Academy:

  • Lithan Academy is Edutrust certified by the Council for Private Education (CPE)
  • Centre for Continuous Education and Training (CET) appointed and certified by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)
  • Accredited BTEC Training Center for Pearson UK

Innovation Awards:

  • Microsoft Global Learning Partner of the Year Award (Finalist)
  • Pearson’s College of the Year (Bronze) Award
  • Institute for Adult Learning’s innovPLUS Flame Award

Academic staff

Our programs bring in the best academic staff from around the region to deliver digital competencies education. The academic staff are more than lecturers – they share their industry insights, facilitate hands-on learning, and some take up a dual-role to provide students with personal mentorship.

All Lecturers and Assessors are Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) certified. Besides the minimum qualifications of Bachelor’s degree in related digital fields,  all lecturers have prior industry experience in their taught subject, including the corresponding professional qualifications.

Next steps

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