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What makes a talent digital-ready, work-ready, life-ready and future-ready (MetaTalents™)?


Digital Way Academy strives to build a competent digital workforce as an important part of capacity building to propel Malaysia into a digitally-driven nation, where individuals can flourish, narrow socioeconomic divide, improve quality of life and standard of living.

One of the key strategies is through targeted public initiatives (MYDigitalWay™) to educate the masses. The initiatives are designed to bring forth progress and address social issues by uniting the relevant stakeholders of government, industry, and education institutions.

The multitude of initiatives under MYDigitalWay™ aim to create impact through education of digital and life competencies. This includes nurturing future digital leaders, enabling digital entrepreneurs, and empowering individuals to become digital professionals.

Accelerating Growth

Lifelong Learners

  • Master digital and life/career competencies
  • Contribute unique value to organisations
  • Leapfrog employability & income potential

For Companies

  • Excellent pool of digital talents
  • Increased productivity and value creation
  • Chart growth via high-return innovation


  • Upskill or reskill citizens and civil servants
  • Tackle unemployment and talent shortages
  • Flourish economy & raise standard of living

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

How DWA practices SDGs

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Our programs are thoughtfully designed for youths & adults to learn digital & life skills effectively, with the latest curriculum & pedagogy, in a conducive environment and at an affordable price, regardless of background.

We aspire to lift individuals out of the poverty cycle through relevant education, and unlock better opportunities & better income, thus improving standard of living and wellbeing.
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We actively collaborate with government & organisations to educate, upskill and reskill individuals with digital & life/career skills to reduce unemployment, underemployment and retrenchment.

We educate public & private communities (especially the underprivileged) to heighten awareness of the utility & potential of technology in improving lives and solving real world problems.
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We advocate for ethical usage & innovation of technologies among our learners and within our company, encouraging technology for good. This is especially important as the technology advancements continue to the fusion of physical, digital and biological worlds.

Ethics is key while we design brain sciences driven learning methods, being considerate of the neurological benefits & effects.