Professional Bachelor's Degree
in Digital Systems

Accelerate your expertise to construct digital infrastructures

With the boom of digital technologies, companies are increasingly reliant on computer systems and digital technology for day-to-day work, operations, and communications. Therefore, the integration of software, hardware and networks into a reliable infrastructure or digital system is essential to support an organisation’s needs. Highly-competent talents are needed to ensure that the digital system is optimised, free from glitches, and protected with cybersecurity. In addition, Digital System experts can improve the capabilities of the system by utilising cloud, enabling automation, and processing big data. We can empower you to be one of them.

Course Overview

Duration: 4-years
Intakes: May 2021, Oct 2021

Application closes on 7th May 2021

UTMSPACE Professional Degree,
Industry – certifications (optional)

* These PROFESSIONAL Digital Programs are industry-certifications ready, not MQA accredited yet

This Bachelor’s Degree equips you with comprehensive knowledge into the full life-cycle of software engineering, empowers you with technical skills, and provides you with real industry insights to successfully build softwares and innovate on digital technology. With the unique 1+3 degree, you will also gain 3 years of work experience where you can put your learnings into real practise.

Everythings you need to know

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Learning outcomes

By the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • Apply industry-relevant digital knowledge and implement technical digital competencies to manage & optimise digital systems.
  • Demonstrate adaptability, including the ability to flexibly transfer digital knowledge and skills to meet the needs of different digital organisations.
  • Exhibit soft skills — including communication and interpersonal skills — to work effectively as a leader and team player.
  • Possess comprehensive digital systems knowledge, and highly competent in technical and soft skills to expand systems capabilities through cloud, automation, and big data.

Key subject knowledge areas:

  • Digital systems management
  • IT support
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Process automation
  • Cybersecurity infrastructure
  • Data science

What you will learn

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