Professional Certificate in
Digital Workplace Management

Accelerate expertise in facilitating a digital workplace
& automating business processes

Course Overview

Whether people like the digital workplace, it’s here to stay. Learn how to automate business operations with low-to-no-code apps, and design digital collaboration to make breakthroughs!

Duration: 13 weeks

Intake: To be confirmed

Mode: Online, Part-time


Why do you need Digital Workplace Management?

Digital Workplace Management is NOT about using technology to make remote work possible. It is about transforming the entire workplace to optimise efficiency and improve collaboration. With powerful and simple-to-use robotic process automation softwares, now anyone can build an application to digitalise business processes. With agile collaboration and techniques, everyone can contribute and together work towards a common goal. Digitalisation of the workplace can go a long way in transforming organisations for breakthrough efficiency and growth!

Who Will Benefit?

Who Will Benefit?

Working Professionals



Individuals Looking to Pivot Careers

Working Professionals

Fresh Graduates


Individuals Looking to
Pivot Careers

What Will You Learn?

In this course, trainees will learn to develop and implement applications with robotic process automation skills using low-to-no-code Microsoft Automate platform, in order to streamline and optimise business processes. Trainees will also learn to apply agile techniques for synergistic teamwork (whether in physical or virtual setting), high productivity and excellent performance. This course will prepare trainees to be industry-certification ready, with key focus Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals-PL-900 and Power Platform App Maker Associate-PL-100.
  • After completing this program, trainees will be able to:
  • Streamline business processes and workflow to drive workplace innovation and job redesign for the digital workplace management.
  • Apply Robotics Process Automation Skills to streamline business process and to support digital applications development and implementation in business process.
  • Learn the required technical skills to earn the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals -PL-900 and Power Platform App Maker Associate-PL-100 industry certificate.
  • Develop the agile and collaborative workplace for agile work practice and continuous improvement in business process and workplace management.


Agile Collaboration and Management

1. Agile concepts in Workplace
2. Agile Collaboration and Project Inception
3. Virtual Teamwork

Robotics Process Automation

1. Programming Basics of Robotic Process Automation
2. Overview of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
3. Robotic Process Automation: For Beginner

Microsoft Power Platform

1. Get Started with Microsoft Power Platform
2. Introduction of Microsoft Data verse
3. Design and Data Model in Power BI
4. Development of Model-Driven Power Apps for Beginner
5. Development of Canvas Apps
6. Development of Model Driven App
7. Create Reports
8. Get Started with Power Automate
9. Create Paginated Reports in Power BI
10. Create Simple Dashboard for Power Platform
11. Introduction of Power Virtual Agents
12. How to build a basic chatbot

Applications Development and Implementation

1. Overview of Application Development and Implementation
2. Power Apps and Power Automate Application
3. The Design and Implementation of Power Apps in Digital Workplace Management

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